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The Freemen’s Magazine is free to all Freemen of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, wherever they live in the world.

If you know of a Freeman of Newcastle in your family or in your Incorporated Company who is not receiving this free magazine, please ask them to notify us. You will find our contact address on the about page.

Many Freemen are not fully conversant with the amount of voluntary time, hands-on effort and money the Freemen of Newcastle put into the preservation and upkeep of the Town Moors. Others appear to be out of touch with the monetary help that can be afforded to those in need, and particularly the individual Freeman and his family. The Editorial Team aim to keep the readership abreast of the outstanding commitment of the Steward’s Committee in their management of the Town Moors and the Freemen’s Charities and Trusts.

The magazine is intended to kindle a fresh interest in what it really means to be a Freeman of Newcastle upon Tyne and a proud realisation of our responsibility for a commitment to preserve and strengthen the gift of the freelage that has successfully prevailed over so many generations.

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