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The Hoppings

The Town Moor Hoppings 2011

As reported in World's Fair newspaper, the Chairman of the Stewards Committee, Sir Leonard Fenwick explains the reasons behind the decision taken by Committee. Whilst recognising the enormity of the task ahead we are confident it is a move which will ultimately benefit the Town Moor site and event, as well as securing future financial viability, and all this entails.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Town Moor Hoppings 2011

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hoppings is an historic and well established fair. Initially a Temperance festival, originating in 1882 and taking place annually at the end of June during Race Week on the old Racecourse site on the Newcastle Town Moor. It is readily acknowledged as the largest travelling funfair in Europe.

The Hoppings in recent years does appear to have encountered a decline in popularity, this coupled with the consequences of having to cross subsidise the event is a situation which is neither desirable nor sustainable. Such a scenario has led to a decision not to enter into an agreement with the Northern Syndicate. In an endeavour to bring about an essential refresh, the Freemen of the City shall be assuming a lead responsibility for the setup of the 2011 event and subsequent Hoppings.

It is the intention to wherever possible honour established rights and to progress with a commitment that ensures long term vibrancy of a modern fairground attraction here in the North East of England.

In the first instance we would request all established tenants of the Town Moor Hoppings to make contact for an application form and when doing so please advise of your site number, size of position as well as and a brief description of the equipment which occupied the position, along with a copy of your rent receipt for the 2009 fair. Please respond to the Events Group, Freemen of Newcastle, Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4LS. by 3rd February 2011. Email: Hoppings2011@freemenofnewcastle.org

It should be noted that the Freemen and City Council of Newcastle upon Tyne are very familiar with the existing established positions of the fair and would kindly ask tenants who have previously attended the event on newly created positions on a one year only agreement with the Northern Syndicate not to apply for ground at this time. An opportunity for floating sites will be advertised at a later date.

Please note that providing misleading information may result in exclusion from the 2011 Hoppings and subsequent years.

The World's Fair

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