Colliers, Paviors and Carriagemen

The ordinary of this society, dated July 30, 1656, appears to have been a mutual agreement signed and sealed by themselves, to remain in force till they should obtain one under the authority of the magistrates of Newcastle.

It ordered that no stranger, not having duly served an apprenticeship to their calling, should be set to work, on pain of forfeiting the sum of 40s.; and that any brother working a day's work privately, should forfeit 6s. 8d. for each default; and that they should choose a warden yearly, on the feast of St. Mark, who should keep the books of the fraternity, and do all other offices belonging to a steward, as in other companies. In their old books their officers are styled "a box-master, and two key-keepers." They have at present two stewards.

The tower near St. Andrew's church, where they meet, appears to have been rebuilt about April, 1707. In 1771, it was thoroughly repaired and beautified at the expense of the society.