The Freemen Charities

The Town Moor Money Charity

The Town Moor Money Charity (no. 248098) offers means-tested assistance to Freemen and their surviving spouse, and extends to assistance towards mobility aids, and to their children in full time further education aged 18 to 20 years. When a son or daughter reaches the age of 20 they need to take up his Freelage to enable them to make an application as a Freeman.

The Charity is funded by income arising from the Intake system. The Trustees meet half yearly to assess applications and grants are distributed in June and December.

Application forms are available (April and October) from the Senior Steward of the Company through which the applicant's family hail.

Town Moor in Winter

Honarary Treasurer

  • R. M. Grey

The TMMC Committee / Trustees :

  • Mr. Keith Hall
  • Mr. John Norman Frizzell
  • Mr. William George Frizzle
  • Mr. David Mark Loraine
  • Mr. Philip M. Errington
  • Mr. David James Hughes
  • Mr. Sherod Walker

Charity Visitors

  • I. F. Miller
  • R. Taylor

For further details visit the Charity Commission web site.

St Mary Magdalene and Holy Jesus Bungalows

St Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust is a registered charity providing sheltered accommodation (almshouses), support services and a social care home to older persons with limited financial means. There are currently 117 bungalows on the site, 16 flats at Magdalene Court and 5 'Chippendale' Court properties.

There is an allocation of accommodation afforded to the Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne over the age of 50 years (married couples or single), or a surviving spouse of a Freeman.

For more information please visit the trust web site:

St Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust. Registered Charity No. 225979.

Registered office: Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NN. Registered in England.

The Thomas Davison and Sir Thomas White Charities

New Freemen 6th October 2008

If you are under 25 years old and thinking about setting up a business, as a Freemen of Newcastle you may qualify for assistance.

The Thomas Davison the Younger Charity, under a declaration of trust dated 19th August 1755, is for making gifts to young Newcastle residents in need of assistance in setting up business in the City and preference is given to Freemen.

The Sir Thomas White Charity, regulated by declaration of trust dated 1st July 1566, is for making loans, free of interest for a period not exceeding ten years, to young Newcastle residents in need of assistance in setting up business in the City and preference is given to Freemen.

Provided that you are a Freeman of Newcastle upon Tyne, and residing in and intending to set up business within the City and less than 25 years old - then you may apply for help from the Thomas Davison Charity or the Sir Thomas White Charity.

Each Charity may issue a grant up to the amount set out below:

Thomas Davison

2,600 approx

Sir Thomas White

7,000 approx

Richard Thompson

1,700 approx

Applications should be made to Barry Richardson, Enterprise Development Team Manager, Economic Development Team, Environment & Regeneration Directorate at the Civic Centre (telephone 0191 232 8520 ext. 25668).